Make Your Virtual Meetings

Multilingual 🌍

Provide your participants with AI Subtitles, Live Captioning or Simultaneous Interpretation.

Your participants only need to follow 3 steps

1. Download & install the application

Available for Windows and macOS operative systems.

2. Insert the room ID

For every virtual meeting the participants need to insert a four letters room ID. For example: "abcd".

3. Select preferred language

Participants will select the language they want for the AI Subtitles or the Simultaneous Interpretation.

Provide the best solution for your participants

Simultaneous Interpretation

Let your participants hear the audio in multiple languages provided by professional interpreters.

AI Subtitles

Choose among the 90+ available languages for the AI subtitles you want to show to the participants.

Human Live Captioning

Connect professional captioners to your virtual meeting and show accurate captions to the audience.

All in one

Provide the audience simultaneous interpretation combined with live captioning or AI subtitles.

Compatible with any platform

Use Akkadu on top of any video conferencing or live streaming platform.


Manage Akkadu by yourself or let us manage for you.

AI Subtitles

  • 90+ available languages
  • Show up to 10 languages at the same time
  • Record transcripts for each language
$50 / hour
up to 300 audience


  • Unlimited language combinations
  • Provide up to 10 languages at the same time
  • Use your own interpreters
$200 / hour
up to 300 audience

Cases using Akkadu

Check out some organizations providing Multilingual AI Subtitles to their audience.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have a question that is not answered below please drop us an email at [email protected]

For AI Subtitles: We support +90
For Simultaneous Interpretation: Any language. Akkadu partners with +200 translation agencies from all over the world making it possible to find any language combination you desire. 💡Notice you can also use your own simultaneous interpreters.
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